2 Years On (1970) reunited the three brothers and added drummer Geoff Bridgford. This album features the single “Lonely Days,” which made it to no. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it the first Bee Gees’ hit to break the Top Five in the United States. The song opens with melancholy piano, then alternates between precise harmonies and strings, and a brassy rock chorus. The guitar-driven “Back Home” is another strong rock offering, while “Lay it on Me”—with its hint of country influence—is particularly catchy. Other standout tracks are the bluesy “Every Second, Every Minute” and the honeyed “Man for All Seasons,” where the magic of the three brothers’ harmonies truly shines.

2 Years On

Portrait of Louise

Man For All Seasons

Sincere Relation

Back Home

The 1st Mistake I Made

Lonely Days

Alone Again

Tell Me Why

Lay It on Me

Every Second, Every Minute

I’m Weeping