Life in a Tin Can (1972) saw the Bee Gees move from recording in England to sunny Los Angeles. This is one of the group’s shorter albums, at just eight songs. It’s also a more acoustic album than the sweeping orchestral feats of Odessa and Trafalgar, allowing crisp vocals to shine. Rock and country prevail on this comparatively upbeat collection of songs. Bouncy and upbeat single “Saw a New Morning” became a number one hit in Hong Kong. Its B-Side, “My Life Has Been a Song” is an affecting ballad, carried by piano and harmonica. “While I Play” and “Come Home Johnny Bride” are both cheery country tracks, laden with fiddle and twangy guitar, while “Method to My Madness” is the album’s closing soulful track. Laid overtop organ and violin, Robin and Barry Gibb’s vocals are the most raw on this expressive track.

Saw a New Morning

I Don’t Wanna Be The One

South Dakota Morning

Living in Chicago

While I Play

My Life Has Been a Song

Come Home Johnny Bridie

Method to My Madness


Best of Bee Gees Volume 2