Timeless Memories for Fans, Artists, Celebrities, and More

The Bee Gees offer countless and timeless memories for fans, artists, aspiring artists and more.

The 1998 hit, “Immortality”, was written for Celine Dion by the Brothers Gibb, topping the charts around the world. Beyond commercial success, the Bee Gees music left a lasting impression on Celine Dion and many more. Celine Dion expressed her gratitude for the Bee Gees and their music at this year’s GRAMMY awards.

“Here we are tonight, and it’s a wonderful celebration of life and recognition of the music that has been transporting us from generation to generation. Their music will never die. Their music will always be like a new hit of today, of this week, of this year.” — Celine Dion.

Watch the Bee Gees perform “Immortality” with Celine Dion live in 1997 below.

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