1981 Bee Gees Tomorrow’s World Cameo

Tomorrow’s World was a popular BBC series that ran for 38 years and snuck in a Bee Gees cameo!

Premiering in 1965 and lasting until early 2003, the program showcased the latest advancements in science and technology. In 1981, presenter Kieran Prendiville gave the first public demonstration of the Compact Disc (CD) on the show. Prendiville famously showed off the disc’s alleged durability by scratching the surface with a rock and then playing it. The album he used for his demonstration was the Bee Gees’ Living Eyes!

Appropriately, the Bee Gees’ Living Eyes still stands the test of time. Dig deep into the Bee Gees discography, and give it a listen here: http://spoti.fi/2wfJYtw

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