To Whom It May Concern (1972) is a graceful follow-up to the previous year’s Trafalgar and an accompanying American tour. Critic Bill Eder of All Music called the album one of the Bee Gees’ “most fully realized works, with pleasing and memorable songs from beginning to end.” The album’s opening track and hit single, “Run to Me,” was praised by Rolling Stone‘s Stephen Holden, who called it “the most beautiful ballad” recorded by the Bee Gees since Odessa‘s “Melody Fair.” “It has everything going for it: a great tune, super symphonic production and a strong, simple message,” Holden said. Several more melodious ballads follow “Run to Me,” like the bittersweet “We Lost the Road,” and the stirring “Please Don’t Turn Out the Lights.” “Bad Bad Dreams” is the song that rocks the hardest with fuzzy guitar and raspy vocals, while the infectious “Road to Alaska” is the album’s sole country offering. To Whom It May Concern closes with a surprising psychedelic track: “Sweet Song of Summer.” The haunting song is the album’s longest at just over five minutes, and features Maurice Gibb on a Moog synthesizer.

Run to Me

We Lost the Road

Never Been Alone

Paper Mache, Cabbages and Kings

I Can Bring Love

I Held a Party

Please Don’t Turn Out the Lights

Sea of Smiling Faces

Bad Bad Dreams

You Know It’s for You


Road to Alaska

Sweet Song of Summer


Life In A Tin Can