The Bee Gees ‘Blue-Eyed Soul’ Music

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The Bee Gees are far more than a disco group. In fact, the band was widely known as a ‘blue-eyed soul’ group at the beginning of their career with singles such as “New York Mining Disaster 1941” and “I Started a Joke.” It was not until 1977, with the release of Saturday Night Fever, that the Bee Gees became known as a disco group.

“Stayin’ Alive” was the second of four US No. 1 hit singles off of the movie’s soundtrack. The song was originally released a day before the movie and, due to it’s appearance in the trailer, it quickly climbed the charts. Saturday Night Fever had come to represent the disco era and the Bee Gees contributions to it brought them huge success. With that success and association came the mark as disco singers.

In 1989, Robin Gibb told Q magazine that they were not, in fact, disco artists. He explained that the “People who emulated us were disco,” and that “We never had a syn-drum on one of our records!”

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