Bee Gees Way of Redcliffe, Australia

Although all three of the Brothers Gibb were born on the Isle of Man and lived in Manchester, England for part of their childhood, Australia holds an important role in their story. While still living in Manchester in 1955, the brothers formed their first band, ‘The Rattlesnakes’ – it was with The Rattlesnakes that first they learned to sing in harmony.

In May of 1958, The Rattlesnakes disbanded and shortly after, the Gibb family moved to Redcliffe in Queensland, Australia. In their new home, the brothers gained attention when they were hired to entertain guests at the Redcliffe Speedway. Soon after, they officially became the Bee Gees and even signed their first record deal. The town of Redcliffe has since constructed Bee Gees Way, a part of the town commemorating the Bee Gees.

Opening in 2013, the walkway honors the Bee Gee’s career and ties to Redcliffe with life-size statues, photographs, murals, seating, a screen showing exclusive interviews and home movie footage, and light shows set to music.

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